Saturday, February 12

Atttempts at making a blog

Hi Friends, this is one of our first few attempts to set up a blog, so be patient. We will try to improve it as we go along. Meanwhile, enjoy the first few pictures we have set up or should I say, we will set up.

For those of you wondering why gluehwurm and what the heck is the meaning of it? It's the german word for fireflies or alitaptap for tagalog. We can't think of any crazy and catchy name, it was so hard, all our attempts were rejected. We thought of fireflies and the tagalog word for it but, it is already unavailable, so we tried the german word instead. In the end we ended up with it.

For our friends all over the world, we want to welcome you here. Feel free to say hello and write your comments and feedbacks. Maybe you also have a blog, so why not share it with us.

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Jayge said...

Hello, Ate Toni and Kuya Vlado! Hope all's well there. Thank you for sharing your Blog site. I really wanted to see pictures of both of you, your cat, and the places you visit. Looking forward also to reading articles and poetry from your site.

I do not have a Blogsite of my own (yet) but inform you as soon as I got one. In the meantime, I'm glad and excited to share with you my friend's (a former officemate) Blogsite. My friend's name is Alfie (a.k.a The eLf). Here's his Web Address: