Sunday, February 13


Baghira at his best! Posted by Hello
This is Baghira our cat, he just turned 13 years old, so he's a real teenager now. We adopted him two years ago, and so far he has gained two kilos, covered the entire house with his tiny little hairs and conquered the entire couch as his territory. He weighs at the moment 6 kilos, quite heavy actually for a cat. His hobbies include, sleeping, eating, lazing around, taking long lazy walks, bird watching, meowwing and purring (that is, if he is being pet and stroked on his tummy). He is obsessed with plastic bags, he can't seem to keep off his tongue from licking them especially when he is nervous. He likes to have guests around the house especially women, that way he can try to snuggle into their bags. Yes folks, that's our Baghira.


weng said...

where did you get the name Baghira?

Marj said...

I can see the love you have for your son Baghira...he has his own
special section.