Friday, February 18

Weekend Once Again And Updates

It's weekend once again. It's amazing how time just passes us by. I don't even notice what date it is and then all of a sudden, it's Friday, then Saturday and we have to refill our refrigerator and buy bread, ham, cheese, some sort of vegetables and fruits, so we can say we eat still healthy food, cat food, noodles, yoghurt, toilet paper and meat of some sort. Then it's Monday and Vlado has to leave early morning for his business trip in Muenster. Toni eats the bread, cheese, ham, meat and some sort of vegetable (so Vlado will not reprimand her of eating too much meat), forgets about the fruit and Baghira naturally eats his cat food every 6 pm or he goes berserk. Vlado comes home and finds ref empty and asks himself, where does the food all go? Why are the fruits rotten? Before you know it, it's Saturday and time to go grocery shopping again, buying the same stuff all over again and going through the same routine again. Without we knowing about it, we aged and grow older. I wanted to put a vase on top of the cupboards, somewhere up there and with hands stretched upwards, what did I hear? KKKRRunch.. those were my limbs or my bones, I don't know. But man, they did hurt!!! I'm ageing and getting crispier. So next week, we have to add Milk in our list, that way I can get my calcium intake (that is if I don't forget to drink it before it gets spoiled).

Vlado has a new guitar and been really into it since last weekend. He doesn't have any experience with it but for the time being he has equipped himself with the necessary books and cds. Hopefully this will give him an orientation before he finally decides to go to a music teacher. I also learned how to play the guitar when I was about 14 or 15 yearls old, but I didn't like it and thought it was boring. I was more interested with drums but my mom thought that was a waste of money. So that was what I did, I wasted her money and didn't learn how to play the guitar. In the end, no drums, no guitars. Looking back after all these years, I really regret it that I didn't learn it. Let's just blame it on puberty.
But this weekend, Vlado has to rest and sleep and drink lots of liquid, he has some kind of flu, hopefully not one of those influenza virus sweeping the country. He still has no new job even after the two interviews he've had this week, so friends, do continue to include him in your prayers or wishes or whatever it is that you do that bring positive things in your life.

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