Sunday, April 17

Visit to Scotland

Toni and Vlado in Scotland April 2005

Hi Friends! Here are some wonderful pictures from our last vacation in Scotland this April. We drove around the Highlands, ate lots of scottish breakfast, visited lots of castles and searched for the Loch Ness monster but sad to say we didn't find him but saw these majestic views instead. We really had a great time and were blessed with the dry and sunny weather, it got only colder at the end of our trip so lucky us. Scotland is such a lovely place, there's just too much beauty to see there. If there is anything as getting tired of beauty, this must be the place to experience it. Aside from the beautiful nature and outstanding castles, we also experienced the warm hospitality of the locals. Our favorite of them all is Mrs. Gallagher (unfortunately we don't have a picture of her) who owns a Bed & Breakfast in Perth. So guys, what are you waiting for? Include Scotland in your next trip!

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