Saturday, May 21

Exams! Exams!

Just two more weeks and I will be having my big exam! This is a prerequisite to end the first part of my studies, some sort of a state exam! Really nerve wracking sort of an exam and it even lasts 3 days ! Friends, do include me in your prayers! Pleeeeeaaaassssssseeeee! I have a ton of topics to study that I don't know where to start. I really am bad with studying, haven't changed a bit since old high school days, cramming and studying til my nerves go berserk the last minute. I hope that when Vlado and I get to have children they won't be following my footsteps because this is really a bad habit!
Aside from that we are excited, especially me (",) for our upcoming trip to the Philippines. Yes, home sweet home! Speaking of home, one of our friends asked me, why do you still call it going home? Your home is right here isn't it? Hmm.. That's a thought provoking question.. if that is going home? Then what do I have here? Is it possible to have 2 homes?


jayge said...

Goodluck on your exam!!!
Stay cool...See you soon.
Miss yah!

Chats said...

Hi Toni! It's me, Chats Gray.. Finally found you, great to see you haven't aged a bit!! I'm enjoying reading your blog.. it is sooooo you.. reminds me of the long long long letters we used to write each other.. kahit magkatabi lang classrooms natin.. hehehe.. Hey, email me please.. Hope to hear from you soon. Miss u na, super!