Friday, June 3


It's S-U-M-M-E-R!!! Officially it starts on the 21st but who cares when the sun burns so hot on your skin and the nights are just so short. Even Baghira the cat can't stay too long outdoors and has to go in the house to stay away from the sun's rays. I woke up today and thought I'm late for my exam because it was so bright outside ..guess what? it was only 4:45. Don't know if I was just imagining it but I was just irritated, confused and puzzled. The lines for a scoop or two of ice cream are just sooo loooonnnnggg you might think it's the end of the world and people are panicking to get their ration of ice cream. Unbelievable! Street cafes and restaurants are all filled from people trying their best to squint away from the sun's rays but at the same time enjoying the best way to get tanned, after all it costs a lot of euros to get a tan in the
tanning salon. Back in the Philippines and in Brunei, the people will flock to the malls to escape the heat, here they all go outside to sprawl themselves wherever the sun rays land. If you see people with umbrellas on a warm sunny day, guess what? They are probably 99% asian. This is a documented study I made, with the necessary statistics to prove that I am 100% right.

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