Thursday, June 16

Time to doze off

The written exams are over and just like this little kitty here I am getting my regular intake of cat naps. It was a stressful time doing all this studying and cramming. If I have studied this hard during college I'm sure I could have gotten one of the highest honors in class. Thank you for all the goodluck wishes you've sent dear friends. I would definitely let you know of the results once it comes out next week.
Now that the exams are things of the past, Vlado and I have a lot of things going on. We have a guest for dinner on Saturday so we are still planning on the menu, we cannot think of a good simple but tasteful appetizer, anyone there has an idea?
It's barbeque season in Germany so on Sunday we are invited for a grill party get together. It's a bring your own party, so have not yet decided what to bring, sausage? yakitori? marinated meat? As you can see I have move on to greater issues in life, instead of ranting on my post traumatic after exams experience.
Then we will have a guest starting Saturday next week, a good friend of mine working in Abu Dhabi. So Vlado and I are also busy thinking of an itenerary for him, after all it's his first time to ever set foot on Germany so it should be a nice experience. I am also scheduled to visit my friend and her baby Chloe next week, so stay tuned for some nice cutey pictures next-next week. ( I know I'm not good at updating this blog)

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