Monday, August 22


One thing nice about going "home" for holidays is the chance to meet old friends. Despite the distance and the years gone by, good old friendships grow stronger, nourished by short messages, emails, greeting cards and phone calls once in a while. The nicest thing about those good old friends is that they have known us before we even became what we are now. There are just too much memories locked away in some secret place in our library of memories which we thought we have forgotten but can be triggered by any of our dear old friends. And that would just enough to keep us laughing the whole afternoon over coffee or upset us because no matter how hard they explained it to us we can't seem to remember any of it (blame it on age or disorganized library of memories). I am just having having these old friends and that our friendship had withstand the test of time. I am greatful for having them especially my dear bestfriend Lala (bottom picture left). It is indeed a privileged to have this friendship and also to have it in this time of modern technology. My friend not being a great fan of writing letters, manages to communicate with me through sms, pictures (email) and chatting if we have the chance to be online at the same time.
It's nice to hear stories about those who have made it big, who have gotten married and so on. Meeting old friends somehow remind us of who we used to be and how much we have changed or not changed at all. It makes us ponder about our lives and those good old days. They were all just fleeting moments. Funny nobody told me that those times are irreplaceable. I used to think that being an "adult" would bring me to a better "there". Now I'm here, but does it really look so much better than then?

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