Sunday, September 11


When I was still young I used to love the month of September. I don't know why but I used to think that September is a month to remember. Maybe because it coincides with Baguio Day, the first of September. It is a day in my hometown, where we have no classes (yipee!) because the city celebrates its foundation day. There's a big parade and different kinds of activities for the young and old. We used to live downtown so we really can enjoy the whole day and all the activities set for the day. We would watch the parade in the city center, go to the Park to see live concerts, hang out with friends in Session Road (the main street in the city where all action takes place) and that's just about it. Funny, it doesn't seem to be special now when I write about it. After Baguio Day, I then start to count the number of days or weeks I have till my birthday. It's not in September though but in the middle of October... nevertheless, it's countdown time til the big day. It just dawned on me that this mini tradition I have of naming September as the month to remember stopped. When and why?? Was it because in college September is the month wherein I have to sit down and rush all those papers that needed to be done ? - (although I have known the deadline since June) or was it because I don't have to do a countdown for my birthday because the day of my birthday always coincides with the final exams and it is even between the exam week (what a bomber! so no party even before or after the exams) or maybe because I don't live in Baguio anymore so I don't get to greet the month with a big parade.. ?? For whatever reason it is, I guess I have to re live this tradition... Because.. because it's September once again and although I don't live in Baguio anymore, I live in a place where the city has a lantern festival this time of the year, indeed we went to the park and watched one of the greatest fireworks in this area. We also had a free half day at work ( a half yipee there!) and we also watched a concert in the city center.. There's no Session Road but there's Louisen Strasse where all the action happens. Maybe it is after all a month to remember. After all I just started my practicum as a Kindergarten teacher last September 1 (till August 31,2006). A year of excitement, challenges, stress, rewarding experiences and nerve wracking moments awaits me.Hopefully and prayerfully I can pass this year with flying colors. After all those nerve wracking exams and stress it's not yet all over after all. A number of papers, case studies, reports, projects and other things not worth thinking about now awaits me. I work with 6 adults and 66 kids ages 3-6. I have to remember all the names of those kids and match them with at least one set of parents and one set of grandparents, remember which group they belong to and learn a bit about their chacters and history. This I have to accomplish till the end of the month so wish me all the best. And oh before I forget did I tell you that my biggest exam is on September 2006. I guess I just have to start loving September again.


Anonymous said...
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Chats said...

Yup, I still remember you used to really love Septmeber back in our high school days! Sorry my memory has gotten the better of me, i thought u loved sept coz it was your birthday month.. It's good you're starting your countdown again.. :D So when is ur birthday then?? Oct 14 ba?
BTW, got the postcard from Muenster. Lovely place.. Miss our long chats and chismsezz. hehe