Wednesday, November 16

Car for sale

Yes folks, this car is for sale. Vlado wants to get rid of this car as soon as possible. He is not happy about it, but it's running perfectly and maintained by Mercedez (oops wrong spelling Mercedes with s) technicians. Vlado wants to buy an automatic if his budget allows it. Hopefully he will get a buyer as soon as possible! So wish us all luck!

As for me, I have my own car too. Hurra! That's why we are selling this old guy too, to make way for a bigger car, because mine is almost as small as this guy. I will feature him in my next update, once he gets cleaned up and polished. The good news is - ta ran.... it's an automatic. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Toni Toniii, you did not ride it really and you did not learn to spell its name as well. This is a Mercedes with "s". Well the good news, we already have a prospect who wants to buy it. Yippieh, soo I can have my Nissan Primera as station wagon and diesel.