Tuesday, January 10

Apartment Hunting part 2

So leaving Apartment #1 we headed to the next appointment. The roads were quite empty of snow, so that finally means we are back in Germany. Still having a ton of good aura and good mood, we searched the second apartment but only if we could find it. The house number on the street sign was not really correct so we have to really look around where it is.. at last...we found it.
Apartment #2- well this look quite nice, it has a garden (oh no, I'm getting excited here!) and a pond (Baghira would love this pond) with two big trees (can't help it, I need to ask the owners what are those trees some time later). This is good I have my own entrance and door here, don't need to walk along eerie corridors. So the outside of the apartment suited me fine 101% satisfied, but inside..hmmm.. there's this disturbing german folk design embedded on the living room walls and ceilings (the design is more suited for old people).. it's a bit disturbing.. the rooms average.. the bath room nice, with a shower and a separate bath tub ( i really would prefer to have a shower too, the bath tub is so uncomfortable if you only want to take a quick shower) The kitchen is in a separate room with own window and door. That's good, the house would not smell of food once I start cooking here. The rent is good. So in all the apartment is ok, except the living room.. what should we do about it? Oh before I forget it, the 2 trees are cherry and apple..hmmm,, isn't that nice? Love the garden, the house too except the living room?

Apartment #3 - the next apartment is in the same city, only a few blocks away from Apartment #2 . This apartment looks like our current apartment except bigger, the architechtural style is almost the same. The old lady and her son who showed us around(they own the house and would be our neighbors too) were really friendly compared to Apartment #1 but on our info paper, there was supposed to be a kitchen installation (sink, cabinets, refrigerator, oven, exhaust) and now, where is the kitchen?? The living room and the kitchen is in one big room overlooking the balcony leading to the garden ( also good for the cat). However that would mean that the house (or the living room for that matter) would smell of food whenever I cook. Which is also the same problem we have now.Hmmmm

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