Monday, January 2

Mini Roadtrip

Back to life, back to reality. That's from a song but that's exactly what's happening now. After a week of going around, meeting friends and spending a wonderful time with them, we have to go home and work again. Me back with the kids and Vlado back at Muenster. Here's a collage with all our friends. I will show a detailed picture who is who later. But just to give you a glimpse, there are about 4 sets of friends in this collage. Marj, a friend back in college with her adventurous hubby (both visiting Europe from the States) and Oli, her really nice cousin who accomodated us in Haarlem, Netherlands; Cathy a sweet and bubbly ex colleague who we met along the way to Marj and also spent an overnight at her place; witty and funny Eyna (and Thomas) sister of a friend back in the Philippines who lives in Aachen, Germany who introduced us to some folks who love to unwind and drink alcohol at "The Bar" (Prost guys!Really had a nice time drinking all those liquors..hmmm 30% alcohol is not so bad at all, no hang overs); And last but not the least, New Year's Eve with Giane and Karsten(hubby) and their nice, friendly friends and with Eugenia and Richard(hubby)Both girls, friends from the language school. What a wonderful vacation, although it is actually not that long about 9 days, but it just seems like a really long time because of those events. In between back home we also had a nice time with some friends (no pictures though) who we met for dinner (Lisa - our friend who also takes care of Baghira when we are busy driving around) and Oli and Donna who endured 3 long hours of Kingkong with us.. (liked the film!) hungry though and just munched popcorn for dinner.
No matter how far you go, it's the people you meet along the way, that makes the journey special. And just with every hello, there has to be a goodbye...unfortunately and an end too. Nevertheless, if there is an ending there is indeed a beginning or a hello.. hey, I'm going in circles, so might as well end this post for now. I promise to post again later. I have a ton of pics and a million stories to tell.. Till next post!
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eyna said...

ate toni!! the best talaga ang pictures natin by the riverside :-D

p.s. sabi ni thomas bat daw sya naka-klammer lang. ahahahaha. sabi ko kasi di sya witty n funny ako lang. inisnab ako! ahahahaha.

vlado&toni said...

Hi Eyna and Thomas,

Ok, sige next time he will be specially mentioned, you will be the one in parentheses :)

Anyway, thanks again Thomas (and Eyna) for the hospitality and for the food.. hmmm..lecker! lecker! oh and also for the chocolate...hmmm...