Sunday, April 9

Thanks for the prayers

Just want to thank everybody for the prayers and the emails/calls we got regarding Vlado's health. He is doing good at the moment and can resume work starting tomorrow, Monday. The doctors found out it was not so serious after all and he got some kind of virus and bacteria in his stomach which gave him all that sick feeling. We really feel greatful and thankful to God for healing him and taking care of him. Thanks for all those prayers. Today at church we heard a testimony from one of the members that his brother had some kind of similar sickness with bacteria and this even affected his nervous system that he was in coma (thank God he's now out of the hospital too) so beware of this bacteria!
Aside from that life goes back to normal. Sorry for not updating you all about Vlado's health, we just didn't have a decent internet connection for the past 3 weeks so I can't update the blog and read all those emails too. We had to wait for the DSL connection and it took forever till last night (hurra!)
Have a good week everybody!

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