Thursday, May 11

a long delayed post

Hello friends, I am really sorry for not posting anything the last few weeks. I didn't think moving would take so much of our time and our energy. After settling in the new apartment. Or are we settled now? I still ask this myself when I start looking for some stuff I can't seem to find like a pair of scissors or a sauce I need for cooking--aarrrrgggh! This can be really tiring just opening all those drawers and boxes, it's really, really frustrating.
Furthermore I am so tired of going out every Saturday since we moved to look for: a book shelf, curtains, dining table, chairs for the dining table , a usual normal shelf for what you have it, curtains (again! we have about 6 group of windows to cover), curtain rods (where else would all that curtain go??) and finally cupboards or some sort of a kitchen shelf (yes we are becoming obsessed with shelves). Some we have found but some are still somewhere out there to discover, we now have a dining table, assembled by dear Vlado today, however the table is rather lonely because it has at the moment only one chair on its side. So we still have to find those chairs.
Well life is not at all about finding those stuff, we all have to work too of course. Although Vlado and I are down the whole week with some kind of virus. I've never been so sick in my life I am really feeling guilty for my employer. I hope they would still give me a good performance rating despite my sick leaves ( I need this for my graduation certificate). Vlado on the other hand tried his best to work while in bed (literally with his laptop alongside). Well thanks to the new internet wireless connection which also made my "high technology" in shambles. For two weeks we didn't have any internet connection, that is really, really frustrtating! I never thought that I can be dependent on internet. Well I do a lot of stuff here. I don't even use internet for work so I guess my ordeal is not even as dramatic compared to other people who use the net for work. Well I survived it and I don't even want to tell you how it happened, let's just really blame the deutsche telekom (german telecommunications company).
Baghira on the other hand is getting used to his new surroundings, he was in fact for the first time out today checking the landlord's garden(happened only by accident because he escaped his leash). The landlord's sausage dog (long hair Dackel --which is probably almost Baghira's size) was very irritated and agitated, barking Baghira off to the top of his lungs. That suits me fine if he prefers barking than attacking. Other than that we are getting to know some of our neighbors well, one couple invited us last week for dinner even (ooopps i guess we have to invite them next time, but where will they sit ??? we only have one dining chair at the moment).
So there you go friends, I hope this gives you a glimpse of how we are doing at the moment. Have a nice spring, summer or autumn wherever you are!

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