Sunday, July 30

Attempts to post pictures

Unfortunately my attempts to post pictures have never materialized except the last one you see. I just randomly picked a picture and posted it to see if this function works again and voila! There's the picture but the next few attempts were futile.
Vlado's family are back in Bulgaria. They just flew back this morning. Of coure they had a grand time enjoying our hospitality and the short trips around the area and to Belgium and Luxembourg. Our trip went really nice except for the mosquitoues that savoured our blood in Antwerp, Belgium. It turned out that our hotel has no air conditioning system and we had to sleep with open windows (really wide open windows because of the heat we are experiencing here). As usual with all such trips there are always adventures and misadventures, Vlado and I didn't pay attention to the details as we booked the hotels online. Nevertheless we managed to sleep good because we were all too tired from too much walking around. The next hotel proved to be alright, it had air condition but then again for us not much used to sleeping with artifial cold air it was not so easy as well. Vlado's father didn't sleep well and I woked up a few times during the night. Hmm I guess the perfect solution would have been an electric fan ( This I know from experience Vlado bought me one this summer just before the heat wave so we even got it as a special offer!).
Anyway, now that we are free from guests, it's time for real vacation and that starts tomorrow. Hello Crete! It would be hot there but nevertheless we have the beach and this time we made sure there is an air conditioning system in the room (",)

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