Wednesday, August 9

Animals from Crete

I love the animals on this island! I was almost set on setting this turtle free, what a shame to live in such a little pond! Well we did try our best to make his life a little better by smuggling some new rocks from the mountain and bringing it in the pond for him to climb on.
The goats and the sheeps are common sights along the road, just make sure you watch out while driving you might hit a few of them because they just happen to stop and rest wherever they want. Hey, these animals are walking Feta Cheese so be careful.... hmmmm yummy!
The cats as usual will remain my favorites. Vlado read in one of the travel books that they used most of them for making those cute postcards with cats all over the nice spots in greece and then throw them out to the sea after filming! What a shame!


Anonymous said...

hello ate is this a new cat!?musta na dyan?mis yah

georgina said...

hello ate ging pala to love you!!!!