Wednesday, August 9

Quiet Crete

This picture was taken in Rethymon, one of the bigger towns in Crete. I love this picture, it is the opposite of how Rethymon is in real life. This place is so tranquil and looks so laid back and so innocent. However if you go walk a little bit downtown, this image will be changed into a swarm of tourists looking for ways to spend their money on some tacky souvenirs (okay, okay, you can also find some useful stuff there like really good leatherbelts/bags/wallets/sandals, which I regret I didn't buy!) but of course to Vlado's delight! Actually he bought a belt for himself. Unfortunately I was victimized by the mafia in this town. There was a market day where they sell all sort of stuff, clothes, perfumes, food etc. This stall with different perfumes caught my attention especially with the bargain: 4 small bottles for 5 euro. Of course, the innocent and naive me, took the bait. Voila! As I opened one of the boxes, the perfume bottle was empty and the other bottle had a different perfume in it. There you go! Lesson of the story : I should have opened the packages right there and then after buying in front of the seller! ( If you think that the lesson was to stop buying from such bargains- think again! I don't think you know me yet !!!)

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