Monday, December 11

Christmas Crafts

Here are some of the Christmas decorations I tried to do on my own. I am very satisfied with my wreath for a first time attempt.Now I know why they are expensive. You have to pay attention to those pine needles when you try to make them, they can really hurt. The Advent Wreath signifies the four sundays before Christmas thus the four candles. It's a tradition here to have an Advent wreath for Christmas. On the Advent Sundays people come together, light the candle, drink coffee and eat christmas cookies and cakes.


Doris said...

Well done Toni. I haven't decorated our home this year for Christmas as we leave on Sunday for the Philippines !!! Yay !!!
Spending the holidays there till the 5th of Jan... yay again !!
I'll be thinking of you ... :)

toni said...

Hi Doris,

Thanks a lot for the christmas gift. I got it this time. I kept thinking about that scarf I wasn't able to get, glad this one went straight to me and not back to Australia again! Of course I envy you ... For sure you will have a pleasant Christmas in the Philippines

Chateau said...

Very nice crafts! Love the wreaths. I'm still not over with putting on hold for sooo long our holiday exchange (January pa!).. But save me some of those cookies and cakes, hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

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