Saturday, December 23

Merry Christmas to all!

We want to wish each one of you a Merry Christmas wherever you may be! V., Baghira (yes the cat is also invited ) and I will be driving a bit up north ( almost 250 kilometers from here) to spend Christmas with some relatives. It would be a lot of eating (loosen those pants/skirts), drinking (either with alcohol or with caffeine) and story telling. I guess it would be the same for some or most of you as well. So have fun! But just a reminder - don't forget to dwell a few moments on the true meaning of Christmas. Sometimes we all get too busy with the hustle and bustle of this season that we just forget the real story behind Christmas. It is amazing or rather alarming ( V. and I are really getting old) that we forgot to celebrate or even think about our wedding anniversary last Dec. 20. We were so preoccupied with other things at work and with the whole Christmas preparations. It just dawned on me on our way to meet friends for dinner tonight. I was holding a copy of the town's newspaper when I saw the date - Dec. 20 .. huh?? that rings a bell. I guess we have to celebrate the day later (hope we won't forget it again!). Anyway, I was really excited to get a copy of this newspaper because a picture that I took with the kids at work was published there--- Hurrah! My first ever published picture. The picture is really not even one of my best or better work but I am proud anyway. I am not so sure if I can post it here.

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