Sunday, January 21

New Year, New Posts, New Errors in posting

Finally got a high speed connection again but Blogger is really making my life difficult once again. I don't know but I am just having so much trouble posting pictures again. This is costing too much time. Why can't I just post like regular Bloggers out there? Do leave a comment if you have the same problems, maybe you can give me some solutions or magic shortcuts. Whatever, I would be really thankful!


Chateau said...

Hello there! Have you tried upgrading to the new version of Blogger (not Beta)? I have upgraded, and it's soooo much easier to post pics... Go to your dashboard and move your blog to the new version. I hope that works... Haay, my ate is still trying to get flight swaps to frankfurt... sorry. :( But i will eat the goodies even if they're expired! Super sorry talaga!

vlado&toni said...

Thanks but unfortunately this hasn't solved my problems. I have been with the blogger beta version for quite a long time now and I also thought that would solve my problems :( but it has not.