Friday, February 16

Interesting People

One thing I like about traveling is observing the people in that particular place. If I get lucky enough I can even have a chance to talk to them or simply have a chance to take a picture of them. Here are some snapshots I made in our last trip to Madrid to give you a glimpse of the varied stories behind such moments. (V. is always irritated that I take pictures of people, this is so impolite he says and is an intrusion on their privacy! Of course I do it anyway.)
This picture was taken in Retiro Park during New Year's Day. I am not sure if all these people are tourists or locals. People were gathered around this man made lake and monument but actually nobody looks at it except the man with the camera. The question is, is he really looking at it?? Sometimes people just take snapshots without really looking at the scene. Click-click-click!
In case you run out of money on your trip to most cities here in Europe, this can be a way for you to earn extra pocket money! Go buy some special make up from what's left of your money, wear an unusual costume and stand in the middle of the street with much tourists. Cling! There goes the sound of the euro coin! Just don't forget to smile or make a small movement. Otherwise they might think you are really a statue and would want their money back.

This is a flea market in full swing! Wow haven't seen anything like this except in the Philippines. Really bargain prices, just have to take much caution with your belongings! We went here and thought somebody might steal or grab our camera (that would be a relief, time to buy one with more pixels with not a bad conscience-- hmm but as you see nobody took interest of our camera and voila -- here's the picture for evidence) You can buy anything here you want, even second hand clothes.
While going around looking for nice bargains in the flea market, you are entertained by such street musicians. They are really good and bring color and life to the market.
This picture was taken inside the Cathedral. People were lining up to get to the icon of the Patron Saint of the church. I am not sure anymore it was, but the saint is a woman. This reminds me somewhat of most Philippine churches with the same catholic practice. I got a bit homesick when I took this picture.

Now I know why Spanish people are stereotypes as romantics. This picture is a living proof to that. How old do you think they are? Nevertheless they act as if they are 16 and 17.. and not 61 and 71... Just found this couple in a not so touristic park somewhere. Actually such scenes of old couples are scattered all over the city.
Lastly, one of the highlights of our tour. We met strangers from Australia a few hours before midnight, celebrated 12 midnight with them then met 2 Americans at 12 midnight and celebrated with all of them New Year's till almost 4 a.m. Now let me just remember their names.. hmmm from left to right... Sarah, Kevin, Hanes and ???? ooopps I guess I was too drank to remember.. I just know she works at Elizabeth Arden in New York, that strucked me really because she looks so like someone working at Elizabeth Arden, nice hair, nice clothes and make up despite the chaos of that evening. Really nice people, which we would probably never see again in this lifetime!

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