Tuesday, February 20


I am not sure if this means hello(Helau!) but people say this as a way of greetings during Germany's version of Carnival called "Fasching". Today is the most important day for it before the Lenten Season tomorrow begins with Ash Wednesdy. So before we go on with the whole Fasting and Praying for 40 days, it's time to party. This is actually a time to wear costumes, be like kids again and wear such crazy costumes without looking like a fool.
I haven't post any pictures of the kids I work with but I would take this chance to post some pictures from our "Faschingsparty" today. Our theme is "Journey to the Land of Fairy Tales" that's why most of the costumes you will see are of kings, queens, knights etc. etc.....

Can you find me???

I think I have found my frog prince! Hurra!

And here's the whole gang, my colleagues, with just one missing who spared herself from wearing such grand costumes.

Here's one guy who doesn't need any costume at all!


JMom said...

Hi Toni, followed your link from Chateau's blog. What an interesting blog you have! It is so great that you work with children. Looks like a fun place :)

I followed your link because of your comment on Baguio. I'm from Baguio too.

vlado&toni said...

Hi JMom, thanks for dropping by! Don't we just miss Baguio?!? One good thing about missing it now, is being able to share it with fellow bloggers who miss Baguio too.

Georgina said...

hi ate!!!looking good...huh!!!even w/ that costume your beauty is outstanding!!!!he he he!!!howdee

vlado&toni said...

hi ging, musta na? of course, di papatalo! take care