Friday, March 23

Daylight Saving Time

This coming Sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. Germany will move it's clock an hour forward and in some parts of the world as well, I am just not sure which specific time it would be. So for some of you out there, don't forget to move that clock an hour forward (or backward for some people in the Southern Hemisphere - thanks Doris for the comment!) or you'll start your day some time later just a little bit out of the ordinary. This happened to us on a visit to a friend in Belgium 2 years ago. We wanted to attend a special Easter celebration and on the way, we kept meeting people on the street as if they have just stepped out of that place. So many people couldn't be out so early on a Sunday! When we arrived at that church, it was already empty (or almost) The reason? Of course we were an hour late(and a few minutes more because we just underestimated our journey) ! There were four of us and nobody didn't have any idea that we have adjusted to the Daylight Saving Time that day! Have I not asked one of the people in the street we wouldn't have known we just literally lost an hour! Whew... time really flies...
Good thing I was feeling bored at work today and started to look at the windows, then the shelves and before you know it I am looking at the calendar on that particular wall and this is the only calendar at work(or at home) which has this reminder. Otherwise I would probably/definitely miss my early 7:00 am flight to Stockholm on Sunday. I assume V. doesn't know it too because he hasn't mentioned it and of course it happened to us once, so history can repeat itself (hmmm although they said lightning doesn't strike twice at the same place).


Doris said...

Hi Toni
You're moving your clock forward while we move ours back. Sunday is the end of daylight saving for us.. Autumn is just around the corner .. yay !! .. i've had enough of summer! .. living in 40 deg heat day in and day out is just not fun.. Enjoy your holiday in Stockhom !!

Toni said...

Oh yes I forgot you live in the southern hemisphere, I have to correct my post out there. Thanks for the reminder. It's good to have friends from the other side of the world! :)
Yes, I am really looking forward to my trip (dancing to the tune of I'm so excited!!). Will sure to blog about it when I return.

Gattina said...

For years I had troubles to know exactly if I had to put my watch one hour back or forth until my English friend told me something which is very logical :
In spring the hour springs
In fall the hour falls

Now if you are still wrong, I can't help you (giggles*)
And tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Europe ! I will write aboout that because I am a victim ! If my father hadn't started in 58 with the EU I would sit today as a brave housewife in Germany ! (I doubt)

Toni said...

Hi Gattina,
Oh I just heard about that thing about Spring and Fall from an american we were having dinner with last night.Yup that's an easy way to remember irregardless of which hemisphere the time change takes place.
Glad you turned out to be a fine, good humored and witty woman you are! :) I sure enjoy your personality in your blog.Will surely take a look at that post.