Monday, March 5

Sick (again!!)

Despite the nice too sunny (it's not spring yet) weather the start of March I am sick again for the 3rd time in one month. The colds plus migraine can't leave me alone so I have to stay in bed the whole weekend. We even had to turn down a birhtday party invitation (too bad because nothing happens much around here). I spent the weekend almost in darkness because any light that comes in brings more pounding on my head. I did try to overcome it yesterday and went even on a walk, but I guess that's why I didn't go to work today. The headache stayed another day. I just went online to check my emails. Hopefully this isn't too much. I intend to go to work tomorrow. Speaking of work an acquaintantance told me that a nearby kindergarden is looking for 2 teachers. Am I interested?


Gattina said...

Sorry to read that you are not feeling well ! But with these weather changements it's no wonder ! One day warm, one day cold etc. etc.
I think you are interested in the Kindergartens ... lol !

Toni said...

Hi Gattina,

Thanks for stopping by. Yup you are right about that this sickness can be due to the ever changing weather.
Regarding the kindergarden, it turned out it was only a temporary job -as a reliever for somebody. Oh well, I still am Ok with my current one despite its ups and downs.