Tuesday, March 20


I haven't have the time to post this weekend. V. and I were quite busy meeting with friends and doing some errands. Last Friday, I made dinner for some friends and decided (yes I was courageous to cook someting I don't have any idea of for my poor guests) I wanted to do an Indian Theme Dinner. Well I really have no experience with this kitchen except for some visits to Indian restaurants once in a while. So I thought I could gather some ideas from the internet and from some Food Blogs all over the Blogosphere. Whew! That was a hard task, there were just so many recipes, I didn't know what to do. Some looked really exotic and delicious, but heck where will I find those ingredients???!! In the end I solve it the most usual way, I went to the city library and got me an Indian cookbook in german (this way I am sure the recipes are adopted to the indgredients in the nearby grocery or can be bought in the asian shop). Well what do you know this book has it all. I really didn't have time to make pictures of my dinner but the recipes were easy to cook and really authentic in its taste. I even capped the dinner with the typical Indian Tea, Masala Chai (hmmm delicious!). Here's that book in case some of you have interests in Indian cooking. The english title is Food of India, written by Priya Wickramasinghe and Carol Selva Rajah. I will be buying this book my self too, it doesn't just have recipes but also some facts and tidbits about Indian. One thing you need to do if ever you are planning on learning to cook indian food is to have lots and lots of spices. Invest on it! My friends were really satisfied with the Indian meal so I guess those spices are up to in the next few cooking sessions.
Aside from learning how to cook Indian food, I got myself a new mobile phone and been a bit busy with it the past few days. It's really my first time to have a Sony Ericsson phone, I have been a Nokia user since mobile phones have been available to the masses. I can even operate it with eyes closed. So no idea how this new phone works I decided to charge it before tinkering with it. Later that evening, excited with my phone and wanting to bring it my friend's party (it has 3,2 mega pixel camera) . I took the phone an turned it on and uh?? hello?? why did it not charge?? V. took a look at it and asked where's the battery? Me: Ah, I thought maybe it's inside??? V. gave me that blank look.. huh?? Oh well no harm done, we got the battery on Monday. The salesman was kind and honest. That's what I like about Germany. There might not be a lot of smiles from the salesladies/salesman but most of them are honest.

Well the rest of the week is not so exciting, work and home that's all as always. The cat is getting crazy he thinks it's Spring and want to go mouse/bird hunting, unfortunately that's not the case. It even snowed this morning! Aside from that I haven't really mastered my new phone yet. I think I have to do the inevitable and that is to read the manual!

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