Monday, April 23

Day Off from Blogging

The V. said I blog too much. Actually I read more blogs from other people than I actually post. Most of the time I go on blog hopping not really leaving a comment, is this impolite? I really don't know, I read in a blog somewhere that at least you should leave a comment as a visitor. Hmm, well for those of you who know about blogging etiquette and manners, please enlighten me. Anyway, so I got a weekend off from blogging and I lost track 0f what I really wanted to blog about. I guess I will just highlight the few highlights of this week. The V. and I are having a vacation this weekend and that means gone for 11 days without blogging but hopefully with lots of fun and sun. We will be heading to Tuscany.
We're really excited about it because it will be the first time that hubby and I are doing a road trip quite this far, I think about 1100 kilometers. Unfortunately I cannot help him with the driving, what with my driving skills?( I want to arrive in Tuscany and back to Germany all in one piece). We rented an apartment somewhere southwest of Siena. We really don't have any idea which place to go to, that being newcomers to this part of Italy. I just hope that the pictures of the apartment would be the same an in living color.
Aside from dreaming already about our upcoming trip. The V. and I were quite big spenders this weekend. I was closed to thinking of buying a video camera - which I really don't need. Who watch those videos actually? (well maybe I can post it in youtube ) I think those home videos are really good if you have children, you can record their growth and show their embarassing videos to their girlfriends/boyfriends once they are old.
I bought a new memory card for my new phone that I still don't really know how to use (hey, Tuscany is just a click away!) and a new memory card for my digital camera (Tuscany is just a click away, again!) so now I am prepared having almost 2 sets of cameras. I just have to remember to bring them. Finally we bought this gadget here, wow! and wow again! This thing can really make those fruits yummier than yummy. You just mix them all and voila, something good to quench that thirst! I have a mint plant here in a pot that's just so wild, finally made a really good lemonade out of it. Of course with lemons, honey, lots of mint and ice. Since this thing came to our household I just toss everything in it, kiwis, bananas, melons, ice cream, yoghurt, ice cubes etc. etc. I am so becoming addicted to it that I am almost contemplating if I can bring it to work. Hmm that would be nice instead of drinking coffee all the time, I would be drinking those smoothies and shakes.


chateau said...

Wow, Tuscany seems like a very rustic and romantic getaway. have fun! And that is a long long long drive, i'm sure there'll be lots of photos along the way pa lang.
On leaving comments: i like it when a visitor leaves some comments.
That blender reminds me I have one, which I should excavate now because shakes and smoothies are welcome quenchers in our extremely hot summer!

Toni said...

Yup better look for that blender, that's really a way to make super refreshing yummy drinks! I'm so excited for our road trip, we would be leaving early on Saturday about 5 am, have breakfast in Switzerland, probably skip lunch and have dinner in Italy :) Assuming there won't be any traffic or delays of any sort. V. calculated in his Navi that it is about 11 hours.. hmmm let's see

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sarge and i went to siena last october. it was lovely. there was a flea market and a quaint little town to walk around in and the cutest little park with benches that are marbelized tree limbs or something, not sure what, but we loved this town. have fun!

smile, bee

ps: this is where we paid 10 euto for two diet cokes so we could sit down and rest a little!

sexy mom said...

no, it is not impolite not to leave a comment. it's your choice. but if you feel you want to interact with the writer, then do so. who knows, the writer could also be interested in your blog. i have had a lot of friends in the blogosphere -- it all started with 1 comment, 1 link!

Toni said...

hi empress bee, thanks for the tip, i'll be looking at that nice area in siena you told me but would rather watch for the mega price diet cola :)