Friday, May 18

A Taste of Italy

Driving to Tuscanny was really worth it, because that way we can bring some stuff from our trip without really worrying about the baggage allowance and all that blah blah (or so I thought!) ! However, much to my dismay The V. is indeed stricter than the custom's officer at the Frankfurt Airport. Everytime I am on the brisk of buying something - he turns to me and say :"Toni, you can't bring Italy to Germany." or "Do you really need that?" or "Ok, just one piece so you can try it." Believe me, if you always hear these sentences one way or another it would just spoil the fun out of that buying spirit.. goodbye to all that going through strange packages and wondering what they may be.. or seeing and touching items even 50% cheaper than in Germany (like Baghira' favorite cat food or special mixes for pasta (yup the V. is always complaining why I need to touch them and read them even if I don't understand it-- hmm why is it? i also don't know i just have the urge).. sigh, too bad I can't bring Italy to Germany here I am saying it again for the nth time!) Nevertheless I was able to bring in some loot despite my very own super strict custom's officer lurking behind my back.
I was able to have my hands on my favorite sweets from Italy, believe me I even wrote the Customer Service of the company an email as to how I can get hold of this candy. (We were once invited for lunch somewhere and she had this on top of her table -it was actually a gift from someone who was in Italy for a vacation) Unfortunately I didn't get any answer in return and it took us 1024 kilometers to get a hold of them. Hmmm yummy, I now have a year's supply or so I thought ( I keep munching them that I'm afraid my stocks are out). Oh well till next trip.
Without really intention of shopping ( I was actually more into food than to shoes, clothes or bags) The V. stumbled upon a shoe shop where we bought our sandals and look here.. indeed even the hubby aka super strict custom's officer on the loose, has sharp eyes for real bargains! Bought here 5 blouses and a bag at probably 50%-60% cheaper than back home.
The next time we have a trip this part of Europe again, I will definitely make my shopping/groceryl list way ahead of time, empty the cupboards and bring more of Italy with me.


Chateau said...

LOL @ having a customs officer lurking and checking on every (potential) purchase! Feeling ko pareho sila ng husb ko - "Do you really need that?", "Aanhin mo yan?" blah blah. We can't help it - half of the female brain is probably composed of shopping neurons!
Enjoy your loot!

Toni said...

Really? Wow, so hubby is not so unique pala .. haha :) naku, asar talaga.. super killjoy

maiylah said...

unfortunately, same with my hubby. it's a man thing, i guess??!!! lol :D
good idea to empty the cupboards ... now there's a reason why you shouldn't buy more! ;P

Toni said...

again??? our hubbies should have a beer together and do some bonding :) while we go shopping :)