Monday, June 11

Long Weekend in Hamburg

We've had another long weekend and decided to do a little tour in Hamburg. This is by far the northest I've been in this country. The city is quite interesting and looks different from other cities I've seen here. It's a big city with a 2 Million population and actually the second biggest city in Germany and being a federal state on its own. Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe.
**will update this post later. have to cook something for a pot luck dinner


Gattina said...

You lucky girl ! I have never been up north in fact the only cities I know in Germany is Aachen, Köln, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden and Bonn. And some little towns in Hessen, where my family came from. It must be a very interesting town.

Chateau said...

Very nice looking city. It sounds familiar I don't know why. Is it where Rizal lived in Germany?
I envy you because travel is something I love but shall be on hold until the kids are big enough to be left on their own (5 years at least!!). sigh.

SexyMom said...

looks like it's quiet there. very nice--lucky you for having spent your weekend there.

and happy independence day, which reminds me, Jose Rizal was there, isn't it?

vlado&toni said...

Thanks guys for the visit. Don't worry Gattina through my blog you can visit other towns in Germany too.
Chateau and Sexy Mom,Happy Philippine Independence Day too - nope Jose Rizal wasn't in Hamburg, he was almost all over Germany like in Heidelberg, Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, Stuttgart and Straßburg (now part of France) but not in Hamburg. I looked up in internet again where they showed his detailed trip.