Monday, July 9

Going Medieval For A Day

Two Saturdays ago we've had a wonderful Summer Festival at work with the theme Medieaval Market. After long weeks of preparation and getting on the nerves of each other at work. We finally made it and even landed on the Region's Top Newspaper. Here are some of the pictures I've got. I removed the faces of the kids to avoid any kind of conflict with parents of any sort. But you can see me of course and my dear colleagues in their costumes as well. Thank God for good colleagues who can sew good costumes :) Most of the clothes of the kids were also done by them. I told my boss she ought to open her own shop!
We've got animals on the loose, a roasted lamb and different market stalls selling - oil with herbs, home made jams, dried sausages, dried lavander and dried herbs and a whole lot more! The stalls were all manned by kids from 3-6 years old. I thought this would be the hit with the kids but as soon as they saw all the animals, they just forgot about their other duties! Of course such a festival is not complete without any sort of song and dance from the kids. I finally handed to the parents that yearbook I told you about and it was such a hit! The parents were so overwhelmed by it. Well that hardwork finally paid off (I did all of it in my own private time!!!) This was a first in this Kindergarden (and probably in a lot here in Germany). The would be first graders were also given their "Schultüte" a german tradition as shown in this picture. It's a cone shaped bag with lots of goodies inside like sweets and school stuff. I find this tradition really good because it marks the beginning of a child's life (School stress starts from here up!) Since our Festival had the theme of Medieval our "Schultüte" were also either a Knight or a Princess. Mind you this was all hand made except for that cone. On the kids's hand is of course his Yearbook :)


maiylah said...

looks like a fun time!
it was the first time they had a yearbook? interesting! dito kasi di ba we always have a yearbook. hahaha.
galing naman, naisip mo yun! congrats! :)

Toni said...

Hi Maiylah, thanks for dropping by. Ay naku, yup it's the very first time ever. A friend of mine told me, maybe I could start up a business with it.It was really fun conceptualizing it - aliw, kaso kapagod!!

Chateau said...

Wow, sige make a business out of the yearbook thing! You should feature it here in your blog hehe, for everyone to see how creative you are.
The Festival looks like so much fun. Ang cute naman for the booths to be manned by the kids.

vlado&toni said...

Hi Chats, oo nga nice idea about that yearbook but I'm not sure if the idea can sell. Just wishful thinking :) but it was a nice thought nevertheless. What I forgot to do is to write down some kind of copyrighting ek ek like conceptualized, written by etc. At least the questions were original and the lay out, in case someone would imitate it (which is for sure). The parents are so proud of it they would sure show it to their friends who also have kids and they will show this to other kindergarden of course and the rest is history.