Wednesday, November 7

Our future home

Here are the first pictures of our future home, just as Gattina said, this is still quasi future home because we haven't signed the papers yet. We are still within the whole bureaucratic chaos involved when buying a house.


A. said...

I hope the rest of the buying process goes smoothly and doesn't take too long. It looks a lovely house, and plenty of greenery in the garden.

Gattina said...

Wow ! that's a wonderful house ! Kitty will be very happy ! I hope you quickly dive through the burocrates ! They invent so many difficulties ! I lay here in the sunshine we have 32 deg and when I am fat up of the sun I blog internet connection costs only 2 euros per hour !!

Chateau said...

Very lovely future home! I hope you get it soon... it will be exciting to redesign and furnish! :)