Monday, December 10

christmas rush

I know I told you I would be writing more about christmas customs and traditions here in Germany but December is just like a tornado with all its turmoil. Weekends are quite hectic with all kinds of social activities, weekdays are included too because weekend is too short to do all the necessary things! Don't we all need break after all this? Just two more weeks - I keep telling myself and everything will get a bit quiet.
I have some interesting news though. I will be changing jobs starting late February 2008. I'm quite excited and of course nervous. There was even a tiny glitch from my present job to the new one but thank God that has been all settled. I'm moving to an english speaking kindergarden which gives me more holidays :) - yahoo!!! Well I'm not into it just for the vacation of course (who am I kidding!!!??) nope seriously the new job will teach me new things and gives me the chance to broaden my horizons. I will basically do the same job except in english and will work in a different environment and use a different teaching method. Aside from this I have a chance to study in the next two years and they will help me finance it. This new kindergarden is actually a Montessori Kindergarden. So if you have any good or bad experiences with this method, feel free to tell me about it. I'm quite curious. My colleagues are really sad to see me go. Nevertheless, I am so happy that they are all supportive of me and wish me only the best. I was so surprise with all their reaction after hearing the news. I never really thought they think highly of me and appreciate me very much for all my effort and contribution at work. Some of them cried or got teary eyed after I told them about my resignation.
Well that's all, life is indeed exciting this part of the globe. What's more? We might also get the keys to our new home within the next few days :) I guess I opened my christmas gifts quite early this year!


Gattina said...

You see you underestimated you, why shouldn't people love you ??? Congratulations to your new job that's really wonderful. I only heard a lot of good things about a Montessori school. But on some people it doesn't work apparently, because the girlfriend of my son was in a Montessori school and she is not a good result !! She can't even say thank you ! Getting more money and holidays is phantastic, what do you want to study ??

Toni said...

Thanks for the good wishes Gattina. I want to get a Montessori Diploma. You need to study for it again.
Well you know about the girlfriend of your son? - "Die Ausnahme bestätigt die Regel" :)
Schöne Adventszeit :)