Friday, September 12

Bored and sick

Finally after having our computer fixed by The V. (yey!!!) it was my turn to get sick. I suffered really bad from a bad cough, headaches and was so tired.. the virus got me as usual. Of course I can only blame the moms who send their kids to school despite the kids being sick. I should have it coming when my dear colleague told me, be wary of M.; one of our kids who seem to be sick but the mother denied it and he was suffering from a bad cough and cold! But who can say no to kids when they say such words, please help me Mrs. G. or here's a big hug for you Mrs. G. Telling them to get the kleenex won't take care of those dangerous virus lurking in the air. Anyway, after trying to fight the flu, I gave in and got my strict orders from the doctor to stay at home. I slept, drank my tea and slept.. lots of dreaming there.

The weirdest I got was this - guests came in for dinner and in my dream I have forgotten that I invited them. I was opening my cupboards, whipping up a meal as fast as I can with whatever I can find and trying to pretend I didn't forget it. Whoa, that was indeed a nightmare! I woke up really shocked and was sweating, I don't know if it was because of my flu or because of the shock to have invited some guests and to have forgotten all about it. I am really very organized when it comes to the meals I provide my guests- there's lots of planning behind it so that was indeed a catastrophe.

Oh well I am just glad to be back in good shape (almost) and to be able to go look at the computer and don't feel that throbbing head. So anyway, hello to all of you again dear bloggers and friends. :) Have a nice weekend!


Layrayski said...

glad you're feeling better! Having the flu isn't the best thing in the world.

And that's a weird dream you have there. Its kinda funny (sorry) how you thought that as kinda of nightmarish. But I understand how when in the grips of dreamland anything can turn frightening.

Have a spectacular weekend too!

Our Love Story said...

oh, you better take vitamin c everyday! the good thing is you have your computer sound and good again! hmm... thanks a lot for being at my site... love yah!

take care and regards to V!

Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling well already. drink lots of water and eat lots of citrus fruits to boost your immune system. hugs.

Gattina said...

Poor girl ! Glad to hear it's nearly over now.
Years ago I would have had a nightmare too if I had forgotten that friends come over for a meal, but now I don't care anymore, they come OK I throw Pizzas in my oven and also always have sorbetto in my deepfreeze too, with a good glass of wine I think they would appreciate and if not then it is their problem, lol ! After all I am only a human (and a woman !)

Vlado&Toni said...

layrayski- having the flu is one of the most boring, unproductive moments in my life, unfortunately, it is a recurring moment. :(

jenny - thanks for the tip, i really should take some vitamin c, especially now it's the flu season.

prinsesamusang - yes, yes, yo ;) eaten my orange for today, is that enough citrus ? too bad we don't have calamansi here ;(

gattina -i don't know why i became like this --- maybe a bit germanized ;) where everything well almost must be on schedule!

imom said...

I hope you're okay now... Get the flu vaccine when you're well na! It works for me and my kids. So far, we haven't gotten sick this flu season. *crossing fingers*

Toni said...

thanks chats for the tip will do that next week, it's even covered by my insurance because of my job - so i should really get it.