Wednesday, October 1

Still here

Yes, you've read it, I'm still here though still failing to update our blog with tidbits about our the trivialities of our lives. Well there is nothing much happening here that's probably why. I have a number of posts I planned to do but never really gotten into the writing mood. I hope to make this blog more alive than how it is at the moment. Next week, I will be having a week off - it's autumn break- yes, how fast time really goes, another season has started, another chapter in our lives.

Oh and I have some good news about our Espresso Machine :) We finally got it and we got a brand new one too. Did I mention that the last one was reduced because it was the last one in the appliance store and supposed to be the machine on display? So now we got one from the factory. Let's see how long this machine will last - we are just so happy to drink real coffee once again especially now that the weather has been really cold.

The picture here was taken from our walk in the woods last Sunday, it was a nice autumn afternoon, I have some more pictures I'll show you soon. We saw different kinds of birds, a snake ( I never thought we have snakes this part of Europe, let alone Germany), a fox, a hedgehog(not sure though or if it was another animal) and squirrels.


Gattina said...

Ah ! you are still alive, lol ! and with a new coffee machine, now if that isn't an inspiration for writing !
We have a little fox family in the mini wood behind our house. Sometimes a foxbaby shows up and looks at my cats !

Layrayski said...

A good news blog! Hehe glad you're still around and so happy you have your brand new coffee machine again. =)

Love the photo.

kayni said...

Sounds like you're drinking coffee again =), that's always good news. It's getting colder here too.

Vlado&Toni said...

gattina - wow, a fox family, i would love to see a fox baby ;) that's cute that they get along together - cats and fox..

layrayski - yup very glad indeed to have the machine again. especially now that i'm having a week off..

kayni - yup drinking (too much!) coffee again.. very bad i heard..

bluedreamer27 said...

oh how i love nature they were so relaxing and eases our stress and depressions

Our Love Story said...

yey! congrats for having that espresso machine and for experiencing the real taste of coffee again! hehehe! oh my, really u saw a snake? whew! i hate snakes... though that picture really shows the beauty of nature there in your place!

i'll look forward to your future posts! take care, missed yah! best regards to V!

: ) cheers