Sunday, February 1


My friend and I went to the Paperworld Fair in Frankfurt today. You might wonder why I went there - I just so love paper! I love journals, gift wrapping papers, notepads, cards, stationeries etc. etc. And I saw them all there - well actually maybe 40% of it- due to time constraints we did not manage to see everything. The only thing sad about it is - we cannot buy them - we can only look at them and touch them. You see the fair is open for distributors, sellers etc. but not for private consumption. But we went anyway, in hopes of finding some inspiration (I do some scrapbooking) also maybe to get some things for free too - which wasn't the case though. I got to learn how to paint. Oh and I made a necklace which isn't paper at all right? Well actually you can see not only paper there but the whole section of arts and crafts - amazing, fabulous things! If you like painting, crafts or any sort and even thinking about gifts for Christmas 2010! They were all there. So now I do have an idea what would be up for 2010 which is quite weird because it is only the start of 2009!

Here's a lovely treat I got from one of the workshops held there. I think it's really nice considering the time pressure I was into to finish the necklace. There were just too many beads to choose from and a wide array of colours and types- I am just happy with what I made. I also have a painting which is still wet so I will wait and see if it gets any better before I post it (haha -wishful thinking that it would get any better)

If you think this is a cake - well look again. This is all made of paper. I don't know why they are trying to sell this idea but what you normally do is you make a piece of the cake the way you want to and you can put little presents inside -something edible or like a little trinket. I don't know but the idea didn't appeal too much to me- they were also offering free workshops on this. You can sit down and make a piece of the cake.
Do you know Sian the Sheep? He is famous here - well just for some children. So I decided to have a picture taken with him. I will be showing this to the kids on Monday. Look how happy I am :) And you know what? After this shot - a lot of other foreign speaking moms visiting the fair had a picture taken with him. Guess they needed some kind of encouragement - Sian is probably not just famous here.
I found this corner as well - you can design your own rings! Isn't that great? I don't know if this is out in the market though but it is just such a lovely idea. I tried my hand on it as well - unfortunately you cannot take them home. Maybe if I have ordered at least a hundred pieces of them - nevertheless - here's my own creation which I had for a few seconds. It has 4 pieces on it - the ring, the round purple thing, the flower and the gem. I don't really know how much it would cost - nobody was there to talk to us.
Since none of these things are for sale - one of the stalls told me to get his stuff, some posters and stuff for kids. I can give him a ring and try - not sure though if the fair is open for public especially with almost no security at all - heck those rings would have been taken in a normal public fair, no one was guarding them. You see, I got the tickets free from my friend.


Kayni said...

oh yummy paper cakes =). i love it! you're so like me. i love stationeries and all paper products.

Gattina said...

If I understand well, you had to leave with a hungry mind !

RennyBA said...

Good to see you had such a good time and the necklace was beautiful!

The cake made my mouth watering - until I red it was paper :lol:

Thanks for sharing this great fair trip!