Tuesday, December 15

Let the holidays begin

Just 4 more days and it's the Christmas holidays once again :O) I am so looking forward to it this year - although it didn't turn out the way I had expected it to be. We were planning to go home to the Philippines this year but due to unforseen events this has to be cancelled. It really is sad but then again - we need to make use of what we have.

So for Christmas we are spending time with my cousin who lives just about 2.5 hours drive from here.She and her husband live in one of the American bases - It is so nice to have a relative when you live far away from your family. I didn't realise this till this Summer when my cousin arrived. The sad thing though they will be leaving this coming July so we just have a few more months to enjoy together. For New Year's we have some friends coming so we still don't know what to do but we are looking forward to that too. Then I have one quiet week --. In the middle of all the holiday stress I need to write 2 essays .. yay!

Well nevertheless I am happy I don't need to wake up early in this dark December nights.


Kayni said...

good luck on the essays. i'm only getting a few days off during the holidays, but work is quiet so it's not too bad.

Gattina said...

That's sad that you can't go home, maybe next year. We will spend Christmas in Malmedy this time together with my son and "DIL" and her parents. They have this beautiful old farm house there for holidays. So I am really looking forward this year. I saw your post of Nuremberg Christmas Market, it's everywhere the same now. I was yesterday in Brussels, the market is enormous now, around 2 km long ! I will write about it next week !
There also was a lot of Glühwein, lol !

Toni said...

Hello Kayni - all the best with your holidays. I know you mentioned about setting up your new home. That would be really fun :)

Gattina - so did you drink any gluehwein? I think the mix that comes from the bottle is really not good - it has to be really made from a real, good red wine and natural spices.