Sunday, December 20

Let it snow, let it snow

For the past 3 days now, it has been snowing and the temperature is down up to -8 Celsius ... brrr and with 93 humidity.. so you can feel how cold it is... The snow doesn't really stay a long time, comes and goes so it is not as white as winter wonderland.

This is the house accross us--- as you can see, it's a bit white but still not so much. The V. has some cleaning to do later - I don't know how it is in your country but in Germany, the house owners are the ones responsible to clean the pave in front of their houses. If somebody slips or hurt themselves due to snow, sleet or whatever it is lying there, the houseowners will be liable to the either you pay someone to do it or do it yourself!

So as you can see The V. has to clear this area and some more not seen on this picture -  shovel the snow and clear the way to people who would be walking in front of our house.

Can you imagine if you have a house at the corner of the street? Like this neigbour of ours.
That's a lot of work! I've seen them raking the leaves last Autumn but I have yet to see them clear up the sidewalk - In my 8 years of living here in Germany, 2 years of it living in a house, I have observed that taking the weeds out, raking leaves and clearing the sidewalk in front of one'shouse are one of the things to do during weekends. I have never done them though and I think my neighbors think I am strange but then again I  think I am excused because I am a foreigner - well at least till nobody slips or get hurt in front of my house.


kg said...

yay! snow! well, it's a good thing that you have a "your street, your responsibility" when it comes to cleaning. although i'm not too sure on the liability when it comes to accidents. :)

cheers for white christmas!

Kayni said...

it's pretty much the same here, at least to the area where i bought my house, i was just there yesterday shoveling the snow. the house association takes care of the's actually a snow day for me - too much snow = no

Gattina said...

Legally it's the same here with cleaning the sidewalk, but in my street nobody does it, we just are happy with our 8 cm high snow. Nobody cares about weeds or leaves, or the laws, live and let live is the motto, lol !
The Christmas market in Waterloo is very small and is only open during one weekend. The big Christmas market is in Brussels, 240 stalls and more then 2 km long ! Beautiful ! I publish photos tomorrow on my travel blog.

Toni said...

kg - it's snowing now but the forecast said it would stop by end of today so it's not going to be a white christmas

kayni - at least you were able to do some chores then and make use of the time . btw, thanks so much for the wonderful card :) got it I forgot to tell you

Gattina - saw the entry, i'm sure the market also looks beautiful in the evening.