Monday, February 22

Stories from work

I love my work and on most days I really don't complain. A day at work is full of emotion from happiness (love the snack/present that parent brought in, wow! child A could go to the toilet on his own!), surprise (what no school today!), fear (uh oh, was not supposed to say that s word and the child might repeat it, hope not at home!), curiousity (who forgot to tidy up this mess?), panic (boy B has a big bump and full of blood), bliss (silence when all children are busy working on their own)  and best of all - love (a big hug and a big kiss for my dear teacher!) The list could go on and on - such is my day full of excitement and when I go home energy goes down to zero - zzzzz I end up sleeping while watching TV at 4 p.m. after work.

Anyway, just was telling another friend about some funny stories from work when a thought came in - hey I could blog about this so here goes - some famous quips from my dear children at work

Last Tuesday we had Fasching (carnival party) where each one of us at school put on a costume. Mine  was of a medieval queen of course with a crown. We were having some snacks sitting around the table when I annouced to the children
Me: Dear children, enjoy your snacks and give the queen (pointing to myself) a big round of applause thanking her for the snack you are having now
Children: (clapping their hands)
Meanwhile a little boy half dutch, half english sitting beside me was looking at me intently from head to toe and not clapping his hands, suddenly he leaned over and sheepishly whispered to my ears
Boy half dutch-half english: Are you really the queen?
Gosh I don't want to disappoint the boy, after all the Dutch and the English do love their queens

My boss turned 60 this year and a little girl came to her
Little Girl: Happy Birthday Ms. M
Boss : Thank you very much dear, that's sweet of you
Little Girl: How old are you today Ms. M
Boss: Well little girl I turned 60 today
Little Girl: (looking shocked and appalled) Oh my Ms. M you are sooooo old, YOU ARE going to die soon
Boss does not know if she will laugh or get scared

I was getting upset with a 2 year old boy because he was not listenting to me, and kept on hitting another boy
Me: Boy C stop it please. I don't want you hitting Boy B again
Boy C : walks away from me but looking upset , he goes to Boy B again
Me: Boy C,  I'm watching you, don't upset me again
Boy C: Then stop watching me!
Yeah right!

Teacher B: Hey Girl A, I have not seen your mother for a long time, how is she doing?
Girl A: Yes, my mom does not bring me to school anymore she says she does not like seeing you
Teacher B: Me, why?
Girl A: Well my mom said she hates your guts! Teacher B what does hate your guts mean?
Uh oh... happily that's not me


Kayni said...

wow..."hates your guts" that's mean. kids are so

kg said...

kids a are so brutally honest...but it comes out as funny! i had a laugh reading your post! :)

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! how funny ! You should do that more often, at least I have something to laugh with this grey weather !

Toni said...

Kayni -yup kids are so honest and they really don't filter what they say so parents need to be careful with what they talk about in front of them or else....

KG - yes, they really make me laugh these kids (or cry! if i get so frustrated) thanks for finding it funny

Gattina - i know you are right- i should make a compilation and post more of such things! thanks for the tip :)

lilay said...

this is really funny toni, perhaps you can also make a cartoon together with these funny stories =P

lucidInterval said...

that was a fun read. brings back memories of when i was a pre-school teacher back home.. i do love it when kids just shower you with their "devotion"... :)

Anonymous said...

LOL kids. i am happy that you love your work. i think that is one of the greatest things in life.