Tuesday, June 8



The V. always tells me I should mind my own business when sitting in a restaurant,train, cafe..anywhere.. and wherever .. why? Because I always listen to the people talking around me. But it may happen that I did not hear or understand a part of the story so I would ask The V what  happened ..he of course on the other end was not even aware of the drama going on! Huh! Real life drama happens in real life not in television...

A beggar and  a lady near the main train station on  a lazy Sunday afternoon

Old Lady Beggar: la...la...lala..lala (singing to herself outside a  restaurant)
Young Lady: gives the beggar a look head to toe then goes inside the restaurant
Beggar: la..la..la.. (still singing) 
..passerby wearing a skimpy skirt walked by
Beggar: mutters to herself -- . sexy...
Young Lady: comes out of the restaurant, looked at the beggar then hands her some coins
Beggar: No, no, no! I have my own money
Young Lady: Here, take it, you'll need it
Beggar: No, I'll get my own money...
Young Lady: went away rejected and frustrated, nobody wanted her money 

Me - hey, maybe because it's Sunday, beggar is having her day off

At a restaurant, a young family with 2 young girls
Food just got served to the family
Young Girl1 - what is that food?
Younger Girl about 5 - yucky! I don't like it
Mama: Girls, try it at least- maybe you'll like it
Young Girl about 7 - I don't like it, I don't like this food! Take this away..
Mama: Stop it, how many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that - you should be happy you have something to eat..stop complaining..eat!
Young Girl about 7 - Mother stop it, how many times do I have to tell you to stop nagging me in public. You're embarassing me! Stop it, now!
Mama: ah.. sorry..(mother eats the food from her daughters plate)


On a lazy Sunday afternoon
Me: cooking in the kitchen
Neighbor: working in the backyard
Me: chopping, mixing,  stirring
Neighbor: pulling weeds

(our houses are duplex, attached to each other, my kitchen and his backyard are practically beside each other)
Me: dropped´ a plate, a fork, a spoon and a pan !blam, blam...like world war bombs!)
Neighbor: What are you doing there? How many times do I have to tell you to be careful!
Neighbor's daughter: What did I do now?
Me: opppos..sorry that's me...

Neighbor - shocked, did not utter a single word..

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kayni said...

poor daughter of neighbor...lol. i'm the same, i also listen to other people's conversation. it's fun.