Friday, September 24

Children's Quotes - stories from work

Here's another set of interesting - funny quotes from the kids at work

I work in an international kindergarten so we have children from all over. Most of them start learning english at the kindergarten. At the start of the school year we have a new dutch boy who does not understand english at all . I approached one of our older children, also a dutch
Me:  Boy. please could you help me  tell Boy2. that we already fed the fish, he does not understand me
Boy1 to Boy2: We already fed the fish
Me: No Boy1, tell him in dutch
Boy1 to Boy2 :.  in dutch

After a few days one of youngest children started exploring his new world and is even going to other children
Little boy (18 months):  in little strides approaches big girl (one of the oldest girls in the class just 2 years,10 months) and starts hugging her too tight
Big Girl: started moving away did not really like being crushed by little boy
Little boy: shocked at this rejection and started crying... waaah .Mamamamamamamamama
Big Girl to little boy: I'm not your mama, your mama's coming later after lunch

While working together on coloured tablets (teaching children to learn different colours) Big Girl,same child as above stopped and was looking around
Big Girl: Mrs. G, something stinks here (intently looks at me)
Me: where?
Big Girl: Here, I think it's you
Me: no way maybe it's you ..
Big Girl: of course not, i just took a bath last night
we later found out it was the box with the coloured boxes

Kids are honest and say things they don't really mean but.. yes it hurts..
Girl1: (touching my tummy) Oh this is big -is there a baby there inside?
Me: No - just lots of rice  ;) (quickly inhaling and holding on to my breath to make tummy firmer)


Gattina said...

How cute ! Children's sayings are much better than stupid jokes !
Of course the little boy doesn't know what dutch is, for small children all languages together is one language. They don't even know what the word "language" means. They just know that the words are different at home and at school.
We have lots of parents here where mom speaks french and Dad dutch or the other way around, the kids just jump from one language to the other without even realizing. (Honnestly I don't know either in what language I think ! French or German ? )

kayni said...

Lol...lots of rice for me too. kids are indeed honest :).

hope all is well. TGIF here!

fortuitous faery said...

I'm sure there's never a dull day at your workplace! :P

kg said...

sooo funny! especially the last one! he he! peace toni! mwah! :)