Tuesday, November 9

I'm back

Hello dear friends and family - I'm back - been a bit busy the last few weeks - lots of things going on around here and one of the things I have neglected is my blog.

Aside from that - life goes on--the picture on top was my 70's look from our school's Halloween.. one child asked me who or what I am and I said - I'm Diana Ross - hah! as if they know it.. anyway it was fun anyway -everybody thought it was hilarious.. I did not even need to buy any outfit (the clothes were all in my closet and I just put them all together) - hmmm.. does this mean I really look like this during normal days?

News ---- I have to leave my old classroom and go to a new one - I shall miss my little toddlers and I am still getting used to my new group- the 3-6 year  .. some days it's not really easy ...
--------- The V. and I cancelled our trip to the Philippines again -- really sad but needed to :(  so that means we will be spending Christmas here in Germany


kayni said...

i like the costume :). i only handed candies on Halloween.

sorry that you're not going to the Philippines this year. i also miss the Philippines these days. i wonder when i can visit.

Gattina said...

You should always dress like in the 70th ! suits you very well !
So Halloween moved to Germany too ! 10 years ago it still didn't exist and when I lived in Germany never heard about it ! Must be the same like Belgium, each year it is more celebrated !

Layrayski said...

hehe welcome back hehe i think we came back more or less at the same time :)