Wednesday, February 16

Christmas Market

Visit at the Christmas Market with Toni's classmates, December 2004. Posted by Hello

One nice thing about the Christmas season in Germany is visiting the Christmas market, also known as "Weihnachtsmarkt". Here you can find many traditional goodies and handmade decorations mostly available on December. Lebkuchen or gingerbreads, hmmm, yummy., "gluehwein" or red wine with spices in it like cinnamon, cloves, orange peel etc. For the non alcohlic, there's a warm orange juice variety with the same spices. It's supposed to make you warm while you go shopping, hopping from store to store. Of course a Christmas market is not complete without any Christmas tree .. and here they have real trees and big ones at that. Not made of plastic, which we usually use in Asia. Did you know that Christmas trees originated in Germany? Yes folks, that's a fact!
Okay, I know it's a bit late posting pictures about Christmas, but since we just started this blog, we want to share with you, some bits and pieces of our lives.

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Lala said...

Friend, hats off ako sa iyo ! This is really cool. Do tell me how to go
about doin this.And so, I can wish to do one someday ! Ang galing.