Wednesday, March 2

Baghira the cat

Some people have been asking, what's with the name Baghira? Actually, when we adopted our cat, he already has this name and we decided not to change it. He has been using it for the last 11 years of his life and we are not so sure if he could easily adjust to a new name. We were not even sure if he responds to his old name. But what do you know?! Cats can be really smart. He now even has a new nickname, Peewee. And he amazingly responds to it. I tried speaking to him in Tagalog (filipino) but he doesn't undertand it. He is a 100% german speaking cat, despite his name coming from India. Baghira is from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. It is actually spelled there Bageera, what we have is the german version. Like life music instead of live music :) seriously, if you go to bars here, don't be surprised to see, if you read something like this "tonight life music" written on a board at the entrance. There's music and hey, there's life!!! (the germans pronouced in some words- f like v - that's why. A long vowel on the other hand , is pronouced with an h on it) Do I sound like a teacher?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ate Toni and Kuya Vlado!!

Here is Eyna and Thomas! Love your site! We had fun reading your posts! Inggit kameh!! It's so creative and inspiring! Wala na ko masabi, basta ang ganda ganda. Soon Baghira will meet Senta (our dog harharhar). Gagaya din kame! hehe. Hope we can also make our own site soon. Take care!