Monday, March 7


Hi Friends. Sorry for not updating you so regularly as I have promised. Things have not been really that exciting here. Let's just blame it on the March weather here in Germany. It's really chaotic. On some days it's so cold, minus temperature, with snow, rain and gray weather all together in one. And then all of a sudden, it's sunny, mild and dry and then all cold and gray or sunny and super cold...So what happens to poor little girls and boys like us? We get headache, flu, migraine, allergic reactions, asthma and so on. It seems we are really becoming unhealthy creatures here or simply --getting O-L-D-E-R. So for this week our resolution is to do more sports and stop doing or rather minimize (let's be realistic) our favorite hobby - that is watching TV/DVD/commerials and all other nonsense that goes on in that box.

Aside from that, I am telling you again of Vlado's hopes to have a new job. Unfortunately I need more of your positive thoughths, prayers and wishes because Vlado still hasn't hit the jackpot and still into this unending search for a new job. Please let us all help him. Send us your positive vibrations, include him in your prayers, and if by chance you find a genie in the bottle who will give you three wishes, think of your friend Vlado. OK? What are friends for?
With regards to me, nothing new under the sun, same teachers, same exams,same problems (how do I lose weight without dieting and exercising?), same old pestering cat who meows when I stay too long on the computer or on the telephone, same excuses when procrastinating especially by studying ( i'll just do it later, tomorrow, next day, next weekend, next month---aaaghhh too late!)
I haven't had the chance to take some new photographs to show you a bit of our little town here. I hope I can make some nice ones during the easter break. We plan to visit some friends too in Belgium and if I will get my visa on time, we might go to Edinborough, Scotland. That was really not wise of me, to book that flight without thinking of the formalities. The hungry for bargain Toni couldn't resist the cheap flight offered. Imagine from €400 to €118!Book...boookkkkkk ..bbboooooookkkkkk! There you go. I think I might just change my nationality because of all this visa thing. That's a very shallow reason right. But just imagine all the money and time you can save from having a nationality that allows you to travel around the world easier??? And cheaper not to mention all the visa fees plus the passport picture and postage (registered mail at that) .

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