Sunday, March 13


Latest Picture with Baghira. I don't have any other new picture to put here but to make this post more colorful I added this one.

Happy Monday dear friends and visitors! The week has just started and of course before we know it, it will be over. Actually this week went faster than usual because Vlado had to worked till Saturday and stay in Cologne (Koeln in german). Our weekend (which was actually only Sunday) was spent with going to church, attending the church business meeting and a seminar for couples at guess again (church!!!). Vlado was on the verge of going crazy because according to him there wasn't any "business" at all in this business meeting, but only bbbzzzzzzzz (so as to show the congregation they are doing some kind of business there) aside from the fact that our stomachs were grumbling and rumbling because it started from lunch to coffee time (12-2:15) and that was after the church service (10:00-11:45). So we didn't really have time to grab something for our tummies. Some of the church goers really had it good, they opened their handbags and pulled out all sorts of stuff there like sandwiches, ham (to go with the bread), banana/apple and some kind of chocolate or muesli bar and gobbled it all down with some sort of fluid, while the poor, unprepared me, only had a small bottle of water (220 ml) to share with Vlado and 2 pieces of candy (even unsweetened because it's supposed to be for itchy throats). Vlado's realization after this incident: Next time we should have a church picnic rather than a church business meeting.
The seminar for couples was interesting though, this time we had brownies and coffee/tea for refreshments although it lasted only for 1 hour and 45 minutes. It's called the love languages. Men and women speak different love languages. We will let you know more about it later as we go on. The only thing Vlado is worried about is: if he will understand the two other participants with their sharing, the other guy speaks english with scottisch accent and the other guy speaks english like the english do but even faster. The only thing Toni is worried about: how to keep her hands off the brownies (or other pastries) because they placed it beside her.

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