Wednesday, April 27

Toni's trip

Good news, friends and family in the Philippines. I, (Toni) will be coming home for a 5 week vacation this coming July. Vlado on the other hand is not yet sure if he will come or not. We are still hopeful that he will get a job the next quarter. Unfortunately no developments on this area. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts and vibrations but guys you have to work harder on it - concentrate! (",) I will have my state exams on June so I would appreaciate you sending out prayers and positive thoughts on me too. They will be on the June 2, 3 and 6 and the oral exams will be on July 5. My flight is on July 9, yipee!
Aside from that there is really nothing new here under the blue skies of spring. We were contemplating on moving out to a new apartment or house and started daydreaming about having an extra room as office or guest room, a closed kitchen and a garden for our litte panther here. Then the daydreaming ended, we really don't know if our contract allows us to leave in the next few months and if we would ever move because what if Vlado finds a new job in another place? See, how crucial this new job thing is, not only for Vlado's spirits and sanity but for our future dwelling place as well.
So that's about it for now. Have a great week! Enjoy the sunshine and don't forget to keep in touch once in a while!

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Anonymous said...

hello, Su here. hang on tight Toni & Vlado, im sure everything will work out in the right place & time. in the meantime, enjoy yr break in the Phillipines!
best wishes,
Suriati & Daniel