Monday, May 2

12:30 a.m.

An evening with our friends Karsten, Giane, Eugenia, Richard and of course Nikita, who will be our honored guest this coming May.

We were treated once again with a sumptuous meal from Giane. This girl really knows her way around the kitchen, despite the fact that she grumbles about it (just moved into a new apartment and still finding her way around the kitchen). An evening with Karsten and Giane and of course with Eugenia and Richard, who came all the way from Stuttgart makes time faster than it is or slower ? Really thought it was still 12:30 am, till Vlado started throwing dirty looks at me (hey man, what's with the dirty look, it's time to go home, still chatting with my girlfriends here ) Again Vlado throwed me more dirty looks. Hmm? The clueless me started to wonder, in front of me was the clock loudly saying 12:30 a.m. What on earth does this guy wants to tell me?? Puzzled and irritated, I glanced at my watch and looked... hoopla, it's 3:30 a.m.! Too bad the party has to end. That has been the longest 12:30 a.m. in my life. Hey we could have had breakfast there!
Moral of the story: Wife just ignore the dirty look coming from the husband. (",)

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Lala said...

Hello Friend ! We miss you much kaya naki-check lang ako sa internet on
whats happening. Love the pics and love the stories !! Take care friend
!!Kaka-ingit talaga. Kisses from Arianne and Me !