Thursday, June 23


Hello once again, as usual I have not been very regular in updating our blog. Nevertheless there are a few things going on around this corner. I would be downloading some of the pictures next time so you can get a glimpse of how cute Vlado and I have become (that means, we gained a few pounds to make us more huggable like a teddy bear). The next few days will be a bit special because we have a dear friend visiting us from Abu Dhabi, a friend of mine back in Brunei. The weather has been great the last few days so I just hope it continues till the end of his vacation on July 7. We plan to make a lot of sightseeing, Wency wants to see castles and of course experience the german life.
On the other hand, our trip to the Philippines is getting nearer, we have to make some plans for our dear cat Baghira. What a blessing that our old nice neighbor is back in the city and has agreed to cat sit Baghira while we are away. Having a pet is not that easy when you travel. It can also be expensive so if you find a nice friend or a neighbor to take care of your dear pet, then you really can save a lot of euros on that and can go worry free and assured that your pet will be really taken cared of.
The result of my exams will come out tomorrow so I will also update you guys on that, when I come back from my trip in the Netherlands. I will be visiting friends from my old sailing days at MS Nieuw Amsterdam. I just hope my dear friends would not be bombarding me with baby topics much as I love my work with kids, I think I deserve a free time off without them. (my two friends just got their babies last year) So have to gear up for lots and lots of baby talk there.
Meanwhile Vlado is enjoying a lot of football (european) on TV. In case you don't know yet, Germany will be hosting the world cup next year. So in line with that they have a Federations Cup, wherein some of the other countries who were champions in their regions/continent play against each other. This gives the football fans a glimpse of how the games will be next year. I am not really sure if my explanation is right, have to check with Vlado next time. I really am not such a big fan of football, the only time I really watched a game was the last world cup, Germany played against England. but I have forgotten who won.

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