Friday, July 1

Yipee! The end of class FSAO2

About 60% showed up this day so the class is really not complete. Nevertheless this is it for this class,we all go on our own way starting July 7, the last day for the oral state exams. Goodluck to all those taking it.
Speaking of exams, thank you dear friends for sending me positive thoughts, prayers and wishes. Turned out I did really well in my exams and didn't need to do another mind boggling hour of oral exams, sitting there in sweat and waiting for the panel of examiners scrutinize every sentence and thought I would have uttered.Thank you, thank you!! You are such good friends.
However I am not yet fully finished on this journey, I still have another challenging year this coming September, it's a practicum, an on the job training. I will be working in a kindergarden with 66 kids ageing from 3-6 years old and would be taking care of 24 kids with my colleague/trainor. Theory will be only once a week, so I still have to go to school and that means again exams and papers! But not so much like this year, after all I would need time to apply the theoretical aspect of my studies to practice. Those 24 kids are waiting for me!

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Hi vlado&toni, I saw a page listed in a profile at that talked about a Search for People I knew and somehow it sent me here. I'll check out your site while I'm here. Have a good day. See ya.. Dave.