Thursday, July 7

Summer 2005

The past few days of summer has been really great. The weather has been nice (except the last few days - looks like summer is over in Germany) and the invitations had poured in for some grilling and out of town trips. Been to nice places the last couple of days and been with great friends too. This summer will of course be crowned with a visit to the Philippines. The last time we were there was December 2003 so there will be lots of seeing friends and relatives and lots of eating too (no Filipino get together without food!) The only thing waiting now is the luggage to be packed (including the zillion pasalubongs at that,hope our luggage won't be overweight or else Vlado will be fuming mad at me!) Pasalubongs are gifts to friends or relatives. It can be a souvenir, a piece of german chocolate or special wishes from my mom like german sausages and leberwurst and all those things I really take for granted here but very special for them down there.
This is a Filipino tradition, especially if you come from abroad or somewhere far. Unfornately I tend to overdo it that's why Vlado gets worried about the luggage thing! I just can't help it, I know I'm sick, I just slowly buy things without knowing it and then --I have a leaping mountain of pasalubong items in front of me. H-e-l-p! Keep your fingers crossed that:
a) I would be able to stay within my baggage allowance
b) the check in counter personnel would be friendly just in case I cross over the limit
c) vlado will have enough patience with me once we start packing the things
Well I will just inform you what happens next time. Have a great summer all of you out there!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! See you soon! At hwag mo kalimutan ang mga taken-for-granted sausages dyan.. ay, masyado malaki yun.. chocolate na lang.. hehehhe.. :)obvious ba, bat ko tinagalog to.. kahiya sa jowa mo pag nbasa nya to.. :D