Thursday, October 6

Last Rays of Summer

Just a few days before really getting into the chilly weather of autumn, we had a chance to catch the few last rays of summer through this flower field in Oberursel, a neighboring town. There you can pick up flowers of different kinds and just drop the amount needed in the cash box. Well honestly is the best policy. Ooops hope I did well with counting the stalks. I usually get confused counting in german so hard as I try to say almost everything in german, I guess I should rather stick to counting in english. For those of you who don't know the german way of counting it goes like this instead of saying 36 or thirty six, you say it in german like this six and thirty. Well it still is ok if you only have to pay attention to one number but what if you have to write down a telephone number? Or you have to pay at the cashier with a long line behind you and you just have to look at your coin purse for that 75 cents ( five and seventy cents or fuenfundsiebzig) or was it 57 cents (seven and fifty cents or in german siebenundfuenfzig)?? Oooops how much was it again??? (the cashier gives you those dagger looks that could kill and say the price again - hmm if i have only understood it) Anyway, I found another solution to this problem - and that is to pay in bills! (good thinking wonder dog!) Well that doesn't satisfy Vlado at all because he thinks I have enough coins in my purse that I am a walking piggy bank! There you go, after being brain washed for 30 years to count the normal way, I think it is rather normal to be confused with this type of counting, right?

Anyway, enough about numbers, here I am with a bunch of Statis flowers in pink, lavender, white, fuschia and of course my favorite color yellow. I love statis flowers, they remind me of my home town Baguio. When you go to market or to town, there are lots of those old ladies selling their homegrown flowers at really good prices. I used to wonder if they ever made profits out of those prices. Once I was with a friend from Manila and the flower lady offered him a bunch of flowers, my friend said he wanted a dozen and paid for it, well he had the shock of his life when he got a dozen of a dozen of roses. The price was so cheap compared to Manila that he thought he was paying per piece and not per dozen.
Not only are Statis nice colorful flowers they also last a lifetime. They don't wilt at all and they are very easy to preserve. Here are some more flowers, but I am not exactly not sure how they are called. Anybody knows? Feel free to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...
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Georgina said...

wow that bundle of fresh flowers are really nice is it free???wish i
cud have it too...